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Emirates 4 day airfare sale – low prices from Singapore to Milan, London, Dubai, Zurich, New York and more

 Airfare sale on Emirates starting from $399SGD – very attractive prices from Singapore to Milan, Dubai, London, Paris, Switzerland and New York.
 It’s a 4 day sale – Book by 30/1/2014, leave Sg by 22/5/2014.
 More sale fares can be found on EMIRATES.COM.
 No booking of business-unrelated trips for me for now, but I know you travelholics need your trip fix!
 Go ahead… Share the good news, wanderlust and discuss with your closest friends.

Pop up Arctic party in Singapore – Nordic Lights by DQ Vodka

Ice, ice, baby.

 In equatorially sunny Singapore, we can only dream of a white Christmas – but DQ Vodka is making this happen tonight with a super special pop-up arctic aka club party! Go on an audio-visual glacial escape 21st December, tonight. Paying homage to its Nordic heritage, DQ Vodka invites you to leave the tropical climate of Singapore and plunge yourself in the frigid temperatures at Nordic Lights by DQ Vodka. This is for the ice princesses. The combat soldiers. The adventurous. The party-partners.
 Date: Saturday, 21 December 2013
 Time: 10pm onwards
 Venue: Secret location
 *Just announced*
 Tuck Lee Ice Factory, 107 Defu Lane 10
 Dress code: Arctic chic
 (open to public)
 The dress code is Arctic Chic, and it will definitely be at single-digit temperatures, so I’d strongly suggest you and your friends wear your winter coats and boots, and not be in heels!
 The entire building will be converted into a club for that night, with the main area in the ice making facilities of the factory itself.
 A pickup service from Volvo is available for media guests. The pick up will be at the pick up point of NEX mall, there will be Volvo vehicles with a Nordic Lights decal on standby there that night.
 See you all there, if you dare?

Little India Riots – A Singaporean response to all the other Singaporean responses

Today, in my hurried frenzy getting out of a bus (yes I take buses), I dropped a bunch of things. A young Chinese boy – along with a dark-skinned foreign worker – jumped to my aid, picking up the pieces, coins, papers and objects that I had scattered all over the ground. I smiled and thanked them, and I just realized that I will probably never see them again.

Why is this especially significant today? The responses to the #littleindiariots has stirred about even more tension post-event than the actual event. So many skewed perspectives. Everyone wants to be an armchair detective.

Where does this end, where does this even begin? Let’s not be so quick to judge people who are different from us. The behaviour of different races and disgruntled faces are not representative of an entire population. There is so much noise within the repercussions – let’s not speak unless it adds value to the silence.

I feel sorry for Singapore today. We have really come so far since the 1960s, why further fuel the fire guys?

I’m thankful to the people around me who have helped me. Locals and foreign workers can – and should – live together in harmony.

There are many stories about Dawn Yang, but you need to hear this one.

There are many stories about Dawn Yang, but you need to hear this one. – I was going through a super difficult time earlier this week and she came out to town to accompany me while I dragged her around different events, and talk to me for hours till almost 2am, even though she’s been really sick for a few days.

There might be a lot of crap on the net, but none of it speculates or shows the amazing person that she is right now. Lots of those pictures and comments don’t show a change or heart, only hate. We’re all a work in progress, right?

Of course, we’re all not perfect (ahem she makes us wait – a lot – haha) but she has been nothing but loving, genuine, kind, generous, sharp, and is possibly even one of the most thoughtful friends I could have had throughout the years. Anyone who has Dawn in their life, all truly adore her and appreciate the joy she brings.

HAPPY HATCHDAY Dawn! One year older, and one year wiser.:) So I hope you have the most blessed birthday today, partially because you are such an incredible blessing to everyone around you.

It’s a Dawn Day today.:) Go wish this all-round gorgeous girl some bday kisses online @dawnyang ! We love you!

My instagram appeal – Devastated, Deprived and Disabled after Haiyan wrecks Letye, Tacloban and Ormoc

I met a local Filipino man yesterday and his story triumphs all others. After being stranded overnight in Ormoc on Letye island, we were hanging around waiting for our boat back to Cebu in the morning, when this man limped past us in crutches. There was something about his feet that weren’t quite right – they flopped around lifelessly as he dragged his feet around absolutely painfully. He heaved most of his body weight onto his armpits and pleaded to us for food – Kinny, Meaghan, Yennie and I jumped up to help. We asked him if he was from this area, and we’re shocked to find out how far he had come. Despite being a cripple, he hitched his way here from his hometown in Isabela Letye, almost an hour and a half of travel from where we presently are!

No one had come yet to help his devastated area, and in desperation, he left his family and baby behind to seek food and supplies in the nearest big city. His disability, the destruction from the typhoon and lack of time all were huge odds against him but he still pressed on. We filled his bag with as much food and water as we had, sleeping mats and some money but somehow, it still feels like it’s not enough.

This man was blessed to have stumbled across a group of international volunteers, but others may not find such aid.

My name is Estelle and this is my Instagram appeal. (We are a small private group of civilians from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and beyond, helping a small team in Philippines #styleyoursoul and #bangonormoc to provide relief aid across as many small areas as we can.) To date, we have bought, packed and distributed 8,000 food and water relief goods, 800 hygiene kits, 400 bags for children, and 300 sleeping mats/blankets/mosquito nets in Letye, Ormoc and Northern Cebu. Some clearly need more help than others, and so many more need help.

>> For enquiries, please email
>> Any amount of donations are appreciated. PayPal link:
>> Visit my blog for more information and updates of our mission in Philippines for Haiyan’s disaster relief:

No matter how you contribute or help to spread this message, it will go a long way in helping us help Philippines through the biggest disaster in Asia since 2005’s tsunami. Thank you and God bless!