New York Might Just Kick Me Out After What I Did This Morning..

Hey I was just trying to make toast!

Am really grateful for this chance to live my dream in NY, but I know other people have also wanted to visit NY too. Let me fulfil your dream for you? Tweet, FB post, or Instagram post your NYC bucketlist with hashtag #ESTELLENYDREAMS today and I’ll post some videos doing cool things for you! 🙂 I promise I’ll be the best tourist.

(I actually posted the #EstelleNYdreams shoutouts on social media yesterday, before this accident!)
Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.34.19 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.35.49 AM

PS: This whole video was powered and made possible with a Nokia Lumia 1020. Thanks for helping me to capture my adventures, Nokia!

Tweet me @estellekiora #EstelleNYdreams and tell me your NY dream!


I won a global social media competition and will be flown to Social Media Week in New York!?

I can barely believe it… I made a really 15 second video for a global social media competition called #SMWreporter, and I won it!!!! I’m one of three winners from countries all over, and we will all be flying to the US for Social Media Week New York, 17-21 Feb 2014. Such an honour!!!

One of the winners is a lovely girl Hum, who I actually stalked all over social media because I absolutely loved her creative video submission. She’s completely the sort of personality that I know I will completely be in sync with. I can’t wait to meet her and she’ll be flying in from Toronto.

The third winner is Anthony, a talented and good looking chap – He speaks with swag, hosts TV shows and is part of the MTV Voices programme in the US.

The competition description was to make a simple and short video, to show why you should be picked as the winner for Social Media Week. I tried to film a few more complicated ideas and trans-media stories, but ended up filming this concept instead. I knew I could make good quality and authentic video content that would show social media in a fun way, which was probably what the company wants. (I don’t have many skills, but I know I got this pat down!) However, I was really embarrassed to show my personality at first – what if everyone thinks I look stupid (I obviously do)?! But hey, screw it. I’ve regularly attended Social Media Week in Singapore to learn more about the industry, and a trip to New York for an event that I’m passionate about is worth any risk of embarrassment.

HUGE thanks to all of you who watched and enjoyed the video, so glad that none of you laughed too hard! Ok, you probably did, but it’s fine! This is the furthest place that my blog has ever taken me, and I would have never in my wildest dreams ever thought I could come this far.

Your support on my Facebook posts, Twitter updates, Instagram stories and blogposts here have been the reason why I am still writing and getting somewhat recognition for it. Love You Wrong Time honestly wouldn’t be what it is without you guys. Shoutout to Hikaruchiou, Colin, Privefleur, Peter Squidg, Bboy rice and so many more of you guys who are always showing me love online! I’ve always been very interested in creating video content and this incredible win has given me more confidence to explore this medium. f I start making more silly videos and playing with pink feathered costumes, please know that it is completely your fault…!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 12.20.18 PM


EXCITING UPDATE: I will be shifting to a .com very soon and I’m really excited to show you the stunning design that my creative team and I have been working so hard on for almost a year. My own company website will be launched soon too, and I’m going to also prepare and print new namecards for the endless learning and networking I want to achieve in New York. Bring it on!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.34.11 PM

As I always say, the dream is for free – the hustle sold separately.

Thanks again to you amazing lovergirls and loverguys for believing in me and being a part of this exciting Loveyouwrongtime journey.

A must for Mobile Marketing Strategy – iPhone and Android app is simply brilliant for booking AND browsing hotel rooms

Last month was a productive month for me, as I worked further on my business idea and attended the Web In Travel 2012 conference for the first time. I am always utterly fascinated learning about the worlds of Travel and Tech, and it’s even more fun when they integrate so well together.

The Web In Travel 2012 conference addressed a bunch of insider issues, and took Q&As of the key trend of mobile. Mobile, mobile, mobile. Whether you’re an outsider looking in, or an insider looking out, you just cannot ignore the little plastic power of the device in your hand that beeps and rings. Admit it, your phone rules the world (I know mine rules me)!

Every time I talk to people who work in big corporations, I like to ask them, “what’s your social media and mobile strategy?” They either give you a very good answer, or they squirm like ants under a magnifying glass… Don’t you know that Asia-Pacific is by far the fastest-growing mobile market in the world, and smart phone shipments are expected to hit 137 million units in 2011 in Asia Pacific alone? And you don’t have a sales strategy that covers it? Huh? HUH????? Yeah, take that.

When I was doing research on government statistics for my own start-up, I was pretty shocked to realise that there are MORE MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS than PEOPLE living in Singapore. That means that many residents here actually own more than one phone! Whatever for? That is crazy, people!!

(Er, yes, I’m one of you… I have two.)

Cannot live without my BlingBerry 9790 and iPhone apps!

I’m a big advocate of browsing and booking things easily on my phone, and it is almost a fail in my honest opinion, for any major company to have an inefficient (or invisible) mobile strategy. (Sorry to be so blunt today, but I read a lot about mobile trends and marketing strategies!)

Thus, it is very easy to win my respect when a company spends effort and dollars in these areas. It truly delights me that this hotel booking site saw the importance in the mobile trend and built these power-packed iPhone and Android mobile phone apps – found on the respective app stores as “” (free to download, of course).

Here’s me testing it out on an iPad… Ready, set, swipe! You can use the app as “a guest” or create your own account.

To create an account, there are about 10 fields to enter your information in when you sign up, but after that it’s quick and fun. Start swiping, sorting or scrolling against the app’s interactive skyline.

Start your search first with exact dates, number of rooms & occupants.

Use the powerful filter tools to sort by preferences – do you want to see the lowest prices or best recommendations?

Check out pictures, descriptions, deals and room reviews.

I’m a bit of a design freak. I really truly appreciate when a website spends top dollar on a sleek interface that is thoughtful and intuitive on a phone or iPad. “Travel” is such a visual experience and browsing should be beautiful, not basic. The concept of a hotel or holiday can be very influenced by the choices of stylish design, glossy colours and magazine-like pictures on a mobile app.

The mobile design makes the UX (user experience) so gorgeous!

Only with the iPad app, you can find the nearest rooms in your live location, real-time.

Remember my previous post for Can you tell that I just looove looking at hotels? It’s a very useless skill of mine. Guess which are some of the rooms and destinations I picked…

Store all your favourite room options with an add button, decide later!

Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore.
The Langham, Hong Kong.
Expo Hotel, Barcelona.
Club Quarters, London.

Which is your favourite?

I’m sure it will be quick to find a hotel/room to suit your budget and preference – The two smartphone applications are available in over 30 languages, and allow travellers to search and book more than 20,000 accommodation deals from over 135,000 hotels around the world.

Whether you’re planning a one-city quick trip or a cross-country vacation marathon, it’s really easy to flag (touch the ‘add’ button) all your favourite room options around the globe and you can always decide/book later. No need for opening multiple screens and toggling in between windows at all!

All your previously picked choices are stored in your account and organized in a grid next to each other for clear comparison. Which one was cheaper? Which one was nicer? Wonder no more, the design is really manageable and brilliant.

Don’t forget to keep track of the Welcome Rewards programme – when you book 10 room nights, you get your next night free. It’s easy like bubble tea.

Track your details and progress to getting that free hotel room

Even without a data connection, information like hotel address, phone number and map is ready on display as all past and future bookings can be accessed offline. I did this on an iPad and it can also be synced with your desktop and mobile phone. So incredibly useful!

Everything is clearly labelled and if anything goes wrong, you can call the help hotline straight from the app.

PS: I seriously did all this research in about 10 minutes on my friend’s iPad (I currently don’t own one). This is such a seamless app and is perfect for searching, comparing, and booking hotels while on-the-go.

If I need to make a last minute room reservation, will definitely be my app of choice.

“First, I’ll find a hotel room. Hopefully next, a husband…”

Next time you feel like browsing, booking (or just dreaming), get on the iPhone/Android app and pretend you are on a holiday. Let me know what you think!

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Wondering and wandering… Guatemala

Just found a beautiful homemade video my cousin created of his trip to Guatemala, and I’m living vicariously through his lens.

Mexico has always been one of the top travel destinations in my wishlist! I’m totally jelly. Have YOU been? Did you like it? Welcome Rewards – Book 10 nights, get 1 night free. More bang for your buck!

Anyone who talks to me or knows me would have an idea that I love travelling and especially, love hotels. For my last job that I quit about 2 months ago, I worked for a beautiful 5-star hotel (Fullerton Bay Hotel).

What I really prefer though, is enjoying a hotel!

Blog post on Bali for Rachel K’s birthday in April 2012 here.

I’ve stayed in so many, I’ve almost lost count. Sometimes I’m happy to be in a hotel alone, but other times I travel with a bunch.

But whether it was is for work or for play, part of the ultimate hotel experience for me has always been not just staying in the hotel. – The ultimate hotel experience should ideally include an easy booking process and being able to secure extra discounts.

I love to ask for discounts.

And the best room with a view for whatever category I book.

And a free breakfast. With a basket of fruits.

“Could I also have a free bottle of champagne?”

I know, I can be a pain! But even if you are not as thick-skinned as I am, I think most of you are still somewhat the same, and are happy to sign up for things knowing that you are getting more bang back for your buck.

I have used all sorts of loyalty programmes (and there are so many out there), but the best are those who keep things sweet and simple. Loyalty programmes should either 1) save you money, or 2) give you free stuff that is easy and hassle-free to redeem.

Nevermind getting 1 point of rewards for every USD$1 “that qualifies” for what I have spent, or rewards that are tied into my credit card calculations or air mile exchanges. Forget rewards that don’t apply for non-business trips, or that have a long list of “Terms and Conditions apply”. Sheesh, show me the freebies already!

I have been sent the press release for’s Welcome Rewards programme and the structure of their new loyalty programme seems rather straightforward so far –

For every 10 room nights booked, you get one free room night (excluding taxes and fees) via The maximum value of the free night is the average daily rate of your ten (10) nights stay.

You can also claim a more expensive room for your free night – you simply have to top up the difference. So if your free night is valued at $100, but you want to book a room that costs $200, you simply have to pay the difference of $100.

THERE IS NO EXPIRY DATE, as long as you book one night every 12 months.

There are no points to calculate, but the best part is – NO BLACKOUT DATES! (There is nothing worse than trying to redeem a free room, and then finding out that you can’t because it so happens to be the Prime Minister’s 2nd son’s cousin’s birthday and a national holiday.)

Book 10 nights and get 1 night free… That’s getting us pretty excited.

Staying 10 nights and getting one free with’s new Welcome Rewards is an easy and effective loyalty scheme, just like those bubble tea shop cards that we all love. Except that redeeming free holidays or hotel rooms taste so much better than bubble tea!

If you like to travel or have a holiday coming up, why not check out updates on’s Facebook page OR their website to book some nights and get more bang……

… For your buck?

I will update this space again when I use to book my next holiday, and let you know my comments. Let me know your feedback too!

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Lufthansa economy class airfare promotion – SG to New York, for a Delicatessen Bliss

I still vividly remember my weekend in New York last year as I stopped over on the way back from North Carolina – it was a lucky break from a business trip with my previous job. First on my American travel menu – FOOD.

I remember wondering about the place as I wandered around the place – elevating myself to The Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center (apparently a much better view than the Empire State building?), eating as much yummy streetside snacks as I could stomach, and the late night catch ups for cheeky drinks with new friends and old… when I wasn’t being stuck in endless yellow taxi traffic jams..!!

(With Ben at SKY ROOM – was a lot like Singapore’s Lantern/One Altitude/Overeasy – great views and good after-office crowds.)

Heavenly meals could be found in Hell’s Kitchen, and late night supper at K-Town was everyone’s plan after partying.

One weekend in the Big Apple was barely enough, yet enough to win my heart! (I won’t list them out but) I fell in love with all the things that I did, and felt a fiery desire to return one day and try everything that I didn’t before.

For firsts, NYC had the best brunches and this big city was all about the finest food galore.

(My cousin brought me for a swank Soho brekkie at Sanctuary T. I adored the brie cheese toast and a green tea magarita helped to kickstart my morning motor.)

But then, there was time for theatre, shopping strolls, walks in Central Park…
I relished the grandest church I had ever seen, right within the lighted delights of Times Square.

The city didn’t sleep, and neither did we!

Why am I abruptly re-living my love for New York?

Just found that there is a special promotion to try New York’s wide delicatessen selection by flying on the Lufthansa A380 from Singapore to New York via Frankfurt – for an all-inclusive fare of S$2053.

The economy class ticket purchase includes a free business lounge pass* so wonderers/wanderers/food seekers can enjoy fresh snacks, beverages and WIFI before their flight back to Singapore. THIS OFFER ENDS 15 JUNE 2012 – you should grab it while you can, though I can’t. Really really wish I could go and get lost in The Big Apple again! ;-(

Lufthansa’s SG-NYC promotion conditions: Travellers must depart between 17 June 2012 and 30 September 2012, and return between 17 June 2012 and 30 December 2012. Flights must originate from Singapore and only one transfer in either Frankfurt or Munich is allowed in each direction. Turnaround open-jaw is permitted. Please note that an advanced purchase period of seven days is required. Terms and conditions apply.

This does not even begin to describe my wonderlust of a wandering weekend in New York.

New York, I love you. Maybe one day you’ll love me too ❤

Above airfare promotion ending 15 JUNE can be booked online at Lufthansa's link here.

New Year, New Adventures

2011 has passed, but that’s no reason for me to stop thinking about it. As always, I’ve had an adventure of a year and I hope all of you have had some sort of adventure too.

Life is full of infinite experiences, and so mine will last a lifetime. In no particular order at all, here are 12 adventures in 2011 that I’ve learnt from or loved.



I was invited on an all-boy’s trip to Taiwan with some old friends that I went to school with. Although I didn’t get to do much girly things (like shopping), we went hiking, running and roadtrippin’ through Taroko Gorge and breathed in the scenic air of stunning Shakadang Trail – which was so much better!

Found an amazing spot somewhere, don’t think we were allowed to swim in it… but boys will be boys, and so we did.

My Taiwanese friend claimed that it wasn’t dangerous, it’s just that most locals don’t know how to swim?!

Taking rocky risks in Taiwan

Had such a great time in Taiwan that I went back to Taipei a few months later for a party trip. It was a good friend Adam’s birthday, and a bunch of us flew up from all around the world to celebrate it with him.

I strolled the sights, checked out #Marquee, #Spark101 and #Primo, but mostly spent time with some people. I especially remember my friend’s birthday dinner where we downed goose meat and Taiwanese pi jiu at a loudy ‘n’ rowdy local joint.

I also loved Taiwanese bubble tea and learnt that dogs like Glowy were allowed (welcome) on tabletops.


Baring my sole and my soul for Habitat for Humanity was not enough, but it was a start. I love charity events so dragging along family and friends to do this with me was definitely a memorable stripe in my year.

#10 KIDS

Volunteered to teach 5 & 6 year-old kids as many Saturdays as I could, and quickly gained respect for teachers and mothers. Teaching them to spell and sing in between a bit of storytelling is probably some of the most tiring afternoons I’ve ever had. And I would do it all over again.


Went a bit far with a plan to get my skin fair, but it fast failed. I always find it hard to resist a bit of warm Sunday sun at #TanjongBeachClub.

Sun tanners VS stunners at Tanjong Beach Club


Got to spend a bit of time with my Chindian (Indian-Chinese) niece, Keira. She is the prettiest grump in the world!


Backpacked through bits and pieces of Europe… #Eurotrip
Braved the cold and some bad luck in Switzerland. #keepsmiling

Made friends of all cultures for coffee and conversations… It doesn’t matter what colour skin we are – if you’re a girl, you probably have had boy problems.


When I’m not travelling (i.e. broke), I love having friends and foreigners visit me so I can show off my country. One of my best friends came to visit me from Sydney but since we’ve done everything touristy, we went to East Coast Park for a bit of double-trouble biking.

If you don’t pedal in perfect sync, the chain on the gears tend to become misplaced. Those double bikes are not so easy breezy!

More posts on things to do in Singapore on my blog and to come.


Better than biking, was boating around Singapore for my birthday.


Many people find it hard to believe, but yes I have (and always have had) a full-time job. I work hard, but it’s easy when you love the team you work for/with.

Working across timezones completely possible.

2 week business trip to the US

But we went to the beach too.

Ending my tenure in my last job, I took a month to sip the finer things in life in Spain, Barcelona

Salud! ("Cheers" in Spanish)

Sauntered through the Room of Maps in Rome, Italy

… And sat slowly and coldly on the top of the Swiss Alps.


I watched the Pettigrews be good parents,


… And my brother lovingly do my laundry in London.


Being single for more than 2 years can sometimes suck, but I learnt that the never-ending love adventure with God and my family is more than enough.

The introduction screen from a Christian seminar on Singlehood I attended... apt.

Love from Jesus and his kids at my weekly Tuesday Group

Unconditional love to my parents, because they loved me first.

What was YOUR favourite adventure of 2011 and what do you wish for in 2012? Please share them with me, I’d love to hear them and I promise not to laugh (out loud).

You can watch the recording of my New Year wishes for 2011-2012 to Singapore which was played to the public during the Marina Bay Countdown celebration. (My part is at Clip 4 and after the first 6 minutes.)

I can’t wait to share my next (and last) post on the #MarinaBay2012 NYE countdown with you! (Fireworks included.) In the meantime, here’s to moving forward and soaring higher this new year!