Good cop, Bad cop: This is really not what you think it is

I’m not going to lie. I’m the ultimate video junkie… And I’m finding more and more talent online nowadays than on TV.

Sick of the usual police-crime shows? Me too. I promise this is not one of them.

So proud of Made-in-Singapore talent, Cheokboard Studios!


A video of a song I wrote + me singing + playing the piano + talking + making faces

My video entry for Charmaine Yee’s #HotFMDateMeDavid contest. YouTube singing sensation David Choi is in Singapore lah. I’m not so much a singer, nor a sensation, so I decided to hack a new song from the first line of his first song…

PS: This is my FIRST time writing a song. And singing it. And recording it. All at the same time. Don’t laugh all at once!
(I guess Rome was built in a day after all)

Wondering and wandering… Guatemala

Just found a beautiful homemade video my cousin created of his trip to Guatemala, and I’m living vicariously through his lens.

Mexico has always been one of the top travel destinations in my wishlist! I’m totally jelly. Have YOU been? Did you like it?

I ❤ NY – Double Seven preview party feat. Oli Pettigrew, Linda Black, Angelique Teo, DJ Nicole Chen and DIRTY VEGAS (Luke Harris)

A New York inspired party by Live & Loud and Double Seven brought in the presence of celebrities Oli Pettigrew, Linda Black, Angelique Teo, DJ Nicole Chen and grammy award winning DIRTY VEGAS (Luke Harris). Dirty Vegas was spectacular – he was spinning dance/house music and the vibe was not only right, it was perfect.

One of the best parties I’ve been to this year! It was pretty crowded and the aircon wasn’t enough for the number of people around, but other than that it was a decent event. I had a good table with some of my friends, so having lots of my favourite people around definitely upped the ante on this one! (A party is only as good as its crowd.)

I have some fun pics from the night that I will insert in here very soon. Meantime… The video just came out and I did a little interview with one of my fav online mags – Lifestyle Asia – on why I love New York (I do I do!).

Click HERE to go to the video’s page on Lifestyle Asia.

PS: It’s SATURDAY! Time to get busy! Happy weekend lovers xx

How to be a (fake) celebrity

It’s so easy! Like 1,2,3.

Dress up like a celebrity – Nice clothes, sleek shoes, designer sunglasses

Hire at least 2 bodyguards to follow you around and push people away (occasionally they should talk to themselves via bluetooth devices)

Hire paparazzi with cameras – Big flashes to draw even more attention are a bonus
And Screaming fans – The louder the better. They can also hold up signs that say “better than Bieber fever”

Great social experiment of a fake celebrity in NYC! It shows that people are sheep… and you can exploit it 🙂

$60 haircut video!!! – I am Singaporean, and I find this super funny

I was searching for some music videos and this popped up on my trend watch today.

It’s a video by a young Singaporean boy (who actually speaks very well) who discusses different opinions on a recent Straits Times news article about a boy who had his hair forcefully cut by a teacher right before his PSLE exams. I read the article a few days ago, this apparently ruined the student’s $60 haircut and scarred the boy’s confidence for 2 days. His mother filed a police report and the teacher involved got into trouble.

Just watch!

My favourite part – “Everything also can call police”
Which was your favourite part? Usually Singaporeans are not so funny, but this is pretty funny!