***I will update with more pictures from my camera when I get back to civilization! Please share this post with as many people as you know and WE HOPE YOU WILL HELP US TO HELP PHILIPPINES. Full details at the bottom.***

The first batch of warrior friends – getting onto our Cebu flight now after exchanging some donations. Keep me and the team I’m with in your prayers please? This whole thing is hitting is pretty hard now. Our schedule may include sanitizing people and helping to clear dead bodies, along with any other work needed at the evacuation centre around Philippines. People are desperately messaging me to help find their husbands, sons, loved ones who are all missing. It’s quite overwhelming really. Don’t know how ready we are.

Team Singapore has landed in Cebu, and with our total group check in of 190kg + 110kg (there was a lot is squeezing, begging and bag bursting!), it’s time to send off some of the relief goods that we have flown over. Toothpaste, vitamins and more are immediately dispatched with one of our local contacts – thanks Aaron! You the man!

Next stop off is checking into the place we’re staying in, and it’s bumper to bumper traffic all the way into Cebu suburbs.

I was prepared for the worst – sleeping on floors with no air con and hopefully no cockroaches – but the group’s organizer had set up an awesome host family for us to stay with.

“This is not a holiday,” I have to keep reminding myself, but this was a lovely start to what I otherwise expected. A delicious local Filipino spread fills us up every morning and night – Tita’s cooking is a fine example of Cebuano hospitality. Salamat Tita!

After lunch, we headed to another local’s house, and the labour begins. Trucks filled with relief goods are already pulling out of the porch, and we swap out with sweaty Filipino boys who are tired out from days of helping out with Typhoon Haiyan related aid.

Everyone warmly greets us and welcomes us, and I’m quickly instructed that each relief bag needs 3 and a half cups of rice and a 1litre bottle of water. Along with tinned goods, this properly feeds a family for only about 2 days, but it’ll have to do.

We quickly form a factory line of splitting and sacking rice, bagging, and packing. Groups of locals come and go, some are friends of the family and some are just fresh-faced volunteers like me. The younger ones are 100% efficient and 200% dedicated – they worked so much faster than our white collar fingers!

“Imagine Singaporean kids doing this,” one of our group members posed to me. “No f**king way.” It’s true. I’m disappointed that Singapore didn’t give much – a $200,000 calamity donation from a country that spends millions on fireworks each year is questionable. I discovered that I’m the only Singaporean in the relief team from Singapore, but there are plenty of small communities in Singapore and big-hearted individuals I know who have helped in other ways.

Some of the other members of our crew came in on the evening flight, and we continued to work late into the night. They invited along a Wall Street journalist who was on their flight to join us – to join amusingly enough, she actually did! She was lovely and it was so interesting exchanging opinions with her on our current mission and what we thought of the situation.

One of the Titas received a call and after 15 minutes of listening to her emoting in Filipino, she starts to cry. “My brother called,” she explained to me. “He and some other people have travelled for a long time to send thousands of packs of relief goods yesterday, but it wasn’t enough. So many people were left without any food or water, and they cried. He was crying watching them cry. We are so tired doing so many things, but there are just so many people who have starved for seven days and still don’t have nothing.”

Across 12 hours, almost 4 fresh deliveries of rice arrived – so much rice to sack and unpack but it’s still not enough. We pack in sweaty heat until 2am and wait for others to arrive. A last operation meeting is done and we’re back home in Cebu at 230am.

Tomorrow is a new day, with new purpose.


>>> We are a small private group from Singapore (with leaders Lotte Edwards, Kinny Johnston and me Estelle Kiora as the only Singaporean) who are now in Cebu Philippines, and furiously working with some organizations to help smaller affected areas of Typhoon Haiyan that are not getting much help. Please email if you would like to help or visit my blog for more information and schedule updates of our mission:

@philippinestar #styleyoursoul
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Best restaurants and places to eat in Patong and around Phuket

Phuket is not only a place to party, it’s a place to live the ultimate lifestyle – even if just for a week or weekend. This busy beach town is so heavy on tourism and you can’t ignore the abundance of restaurants – there’s everything from $2 meals to $200 meals. Some of the nicest ones I’ve come across so far are Joe’s Downstairs (Aussie/Western), Da Maurizio (Italian), White Box (International/Mediterranean), Acqua (seems sort of European), or Baan Rim Paa (Local Thai/Seafood). Here are my reviews on the best places to eat in Phuket, and some of the above-mentioned spots.

Quite honestly, I ate at Baan Rim Paa and felt it was rather over-rated and over-priced, but my tourist friends liked this restaurant most. Not sure who was handing out awards, but it is evidently award-winning and the rustic beachside ambience of this restaurant makes it a popular pick for clients, tourists, or dates.

Personally, if it were up to me, I would rather eat Thai food in the streets – if I wanted to eat local, I would go local.




See if you can recognize the typical Thai dishes – mango salad, pineapple rice, green curry chicken, fresh fish with lime, sticky rice with mango, and more.









All these dishes for 3 people. Gluttons, we are.

We had Italian at Da Maurizio, and the food was on an international standard but you definitely pay for what you get. I’m also very biased in favour of Italian food, so I was pretty happy with this meal.












My favourite dinner in Phuket was at JOE’S DOWNSTAIRS – the lofty white furniture was a joy to sit on while dinner-watching the swirls of the waves. This restaurant is said to serve “new world cuisine” (what does that even mean?!), but I felt it akin to the fine dining that I used to have in Australian restaurants.











If you’re hungry but don’t want to spend a fortune of food, there are plenty of restaurants in Patong that will fill you up with good things for much, much less. I’ve eaten at so many places around Phuket and in Patong that I can hardly remember, but if you find a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint, please try it out and send me the address. I had some of the best Mexican food ever in such a place in Phuket, but it was down some random back alleys and I wish I could find my way back there.

Generally, the seafood restaurants fronting the main strip of Patong is over-crowded with lazy tourists and over-priced, so walk down the parallel streets and you’re bound to find equally good seafood for much cheaper. Another area I like to eat at is Karon Beach – it’s only about 15 minutes from Patong and although there is less culinary selection compared to Patong, it can give you a much quieter, relaxing dinner. The Russian restaurant there is quite well-liked.

(Thumbs up if you’d like to see an upcoming post on fun things to do + best places to party in Phuket!)

Oceanfront Villas for Living x Sleeping x Swimming x Dreaming at Indochine Resort

The world is screaming summertime but alas, in Asia, it is summertime everyday. Call the pestering sun a blessing or a curse, but most who come to visit have remained and – at least – the haze has mostly blown away.

Now, I know you have no lack of choices for places to play and stay around Asia, but there’s never a bad time to recommend something for your next holiday. like I said, it’s “summertime” right?


When it comes to Phuket, I have a bit of pride. I’ve been here about 15 times, so you can also call me Miss Tour Guide!

On my last trip to Phuket, I arranged for me and my friends to stay at Indochine’s new resort, Indochine Phuket.

While being scenically perched on the Patong hillside, most of the resort faces open views of the gorgeous Andaman sea. Themes of water, earth and nature elements evidently inspire the resort and rooms, and I also picked up a distinct oriental feel – this is no stranger to the strong signature decor that has moulded Indochine’s restaurants around Asia.



Depending on what your personality is, this decision could be as good for you as it was for me and my friends – We enjoyed the proximity to Patong without having to live within it, for it is a crazy town that never sleeps.


A 5-10 min shuttle or taxi from Indochine Resort will get you into the heart of the Patong action, while a 20 min walk for us to Patong was nice and breezy whenever we weren’t too hungry.

If you don’t crave bar-hopping and clubbing, Indochine Resort is saliently self-sustainable. The restaurant is large enough for a royal function and multiple-meal worthy, while the public rooftop pool beckons from day to night. This hotel IS a holiday in itself, and I would have gladly given myself into house-arrest for there was no reason to leave pleasures of the premises.





If you need a holiday by the sea, here are some rooms you can possibly choose from.


THE OCEANFRONT STANDARD ROOM could quite possibly, set the standard. Don’t expect a hotel room for all the Oceanfront Rooms are in the format of a villa, and quite self-explanatorily, give you some sort of uninterrupted views of sky and sea.
You don’t get a private pool with this 55 sqm room, but you do get a lovely outdoor verandah to enjoy your holiday views, and a huge stone jacuzzi (great for couples, but I think you could try to squeeze 4 people in it). Plonk yourself into the generous sofa, and use as much of the free wifi room as you want.

Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT STANDARD HERE.


THE OCEANFRONT SUPERIOR ROOM sits 109 sqm wide, on the ground floor of Indochine’s resort/community/empire. Enjoy the jumbo-sized jacuzzi (it’s so big I would unofficially presume this to be somewhat of a private pool), and plenty of space on your outdoor terrace for sunbeds and lazy daytime lounging. Or, you can watch all the sky-sun-sea action from the inside comfort of your air-conditioned room, as your gaze extends beyond massive glass floor-to-ceiling windows.

Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT SUPERIOR HERE.


I’m not even halfway done, people! How about THE OCEANFRONT DELUXE ROOM? It’s 70 sqm big, and takes you up to the top floor of the resort. This one comes with both an outdoor jacuzzi and an outdoor shower, so I guess you can’t help being clean in a room like this. If you like multiple showers a day, this is the right room for you! Since you’re on the highest floor here, no one will be peeking down on you… Sea views will be majestic too.

Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT DELUXE HERE.


THE OCEANFRONT PREMIUM DELUXE ROOM is where I spent most of my time in Indochine. Whoever said life is hard, certainly wasn’t me! A grand space of 160 sqm offers an outdoor jacuzzi along with a private plunge pool. Some people have all the luck, huh?






Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT PREMIUM DELUXE HERE.

If you’re going to take your time in Phuket (and why not, I say!) and want something a bit more modern, you could very possibly find yourself quite comfortable in Indochine Phuket’s GAYA STUDIO. Feel at home with cooking amenities here when you’re not gorging yourself on the resort’s culinary treats, and I love the indoor to outdoor decor touches and sofas where I can let my hair down and put my feet up.





Slide a bedroom panel open and you’ve fallen into your living room. Slide another panel to reveal a kitchenette, and the double rainshower in your bathroom is just around the opposite corner.





Did we just fly through space and time, from Oriental to European living? Yes we did. This is the modern beach bum’s home, truly… Kick back among the clean whiteness, and give range to a lifestyle of ocean infinity.


Info and reservations for GAYA STUDIO ROOM HERE.

Another easy option would be to ditch the city life for a OCEAN SUITE CONDOMINIUM room in Indochine, available in a 2 or 3 bedroom format. I trekked up some stairs to visit this duplex style sea-facing unit, and loved how the lower level is great for entertaining friends or clients. A wide living room area makes great DVD nights, and I know I wouldn’t resist turning down a dinner invitation at this dining table. Keep your private time to yourself with a separate space on the second level, for no one needs to see your mess – nor you in your bathtub where you obviously look your best.









Info and reservations for OCEAN SUITE CONDO HERE.

I’ve saved the best for last, which is also most popular for groups of friends who can’t bear to be apart. Welcome to the extravagant selection of pool villas at Indochine. This one was so tranquil, you could close your eyes and almost hear the trillions of salty drops come together as one, magnificent, never-ending ocean.





The roomy pool deck seemed to go to waste this afternoon with just one little person, reading one magazine.



A slightly hidden turn down some stairs on the side brought me into a play area. Take your winning shot at the dartboard or the table soccer table – there’s no room in this room for losers in fooseball!





A pretty grandiose guest bedroom to be in, I thought… Until I opened the doors to the master bedroom. A jet-filled personal spa awaits its master/mistress. Bubbles and candles seem to be in celebratory order.



Missing something? Your best friends, maybe. Bring them along!


(This is another pool villa where some of my friends were staying.)







Keep to yourself in one of the multiple bedrooms, or commune with your best friends in the living area to get your daily dose of last night’s gossip. When you’re done laughing at that drunkard’s antics (there’s always that one drunk!), roll outside in the sunshine for a dip in the pool. Grab your sunscreen, iPad or earphones, or you could just climb onto the rooftop to watch.



There’s just so much to do in Indochine’s pool villa, it would take you from daytime chilling to night star-gazing – my friends have personally made the breezy poolside area a drinks-dispensing dance floor.

The food at Indochine’s Resort is really good as well, and we were addicted to their Viet beef noodles. Me and my friends ate this about 4-6 times over our stay! I could barely believe how we were eating our way through the hotel. The duck crispy noodles and starter platter are worth mentioning and tasting as well.

Indochine is renown for its F&B group after all, and they take such pride in their food and where it comes from. No endangered species like Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna are served, and Chef Stuart Hickman is no stranger to the resort and fine dining world of French, Mediterranean and Modern Australian cuisine – in fact, my taste tests assure that he’s got the plate pat down.



indochine breakfast




Whether you’re looking for peace or a party, you could probably find it all in Indochine Resorts.

Thank you Indochine Phuket for a splendid stay while you were hosting me. If anyone wants me to recommend or book the best oceanfront room for you, feel free to get in touch with me.

*Every room is unique – Please confirm all above-mentioned amenities with resort management when booking your desired room.

This is an advertorial for Indochine Resorts, Phuket. Create your own oceanfront experience by choosing one of the rooms above!

Lessons from an Aspiring Entrepreneur: Failure #2. (This was the big one)

The emotional roller coaster of an entrepreneur (or #wantrepreneur) will see you stretched to your limits. Or at the very least, stretched thin. You run on fumes, and sometimes you’re sitting on the couch at home for hours wondering what to do. Other times you’re pounding the pavement, racing for a timeline and knocking on doors. You’re always asking, hustling, learning, thinking, and waiting to reach the inevitable… WHAT NEXT?

I just had my second business-related failure in this month. I was actually working on this idea for a few months, so the unsuccessful attempt stung like a nasty bee. Not forgetting to mention the back-breaking work that led up to preparing for the test sell, and I lost hundreds of dollars again. It was a good idea, and business-minded friends along with potential customers I questioned thought so too. It had never been done before that I know of. I’m quite sure I executed the test as realistically as I could, and was so sure that this idea filled a void I faced in a segment that had not been covered yet. It didn’t work, and it hurt.

I will shelf it, maybe tweak it. But most of all, I am exhausted, confused and devastated. But if it’s anything I’ve learnt from my experiences and others, it’s to cut my losses and pick myself up from where I left off. It’s a mild consolation that I spent a few months on an idea I passionately believed in, rather than a few years… Or never at all.

What’s next for my career?

I’m almost at the low point of putting on a bikini and pretending to be a DJ.

Almost. Not yet.
(No offense to DJs in bikinis.)

One Night with Xavier

The other week, I spent one night with Xavier, and this is what I learnt.

All a baby does is cry, eat, burp, poo, cry again, fidget, and then do it all over again.

Feeding my brand new 1-month old nephew at 3am was a one hour affair. He would wake everyone up when he’s hungry, but fall asleep when I’m feeding him. I have to wake him up to make him eat! The milk would have gotten cold by then, so we would make him more and it would start all over again.

It kind of reminds me of my friend Haresh’s Subaru car challenge… He was one of the Top 5 contestants who had put their hand on a Subaru (the last person standing wins the car).


He didn’t win, but lived to tell the tale of the mental torture and hallucinations that you go through during this contest. I imagine having a baby is something like that.

One night was an adventure in itself, imagine running on fumes like that every night?! Being a Mom must be hard! Kudos to all the Moms out there. Go give your Mom a BIG HUG right now.

Spending one night with Xavier made me adore him more. It opened up a new part of my heart, and taught me so much about love and patience that I can’t explain.

The baby experiment was sort of like start-up weekend boot camp. If I can take care of a baby, I’m sure I could take care of a business?

Christmas makeup/party look: Easy-to-do DIY 15 min Diamante Eyes (feat. Pangaea Christmas Winter Wonderland theme party)

A Cool Crystal Christmas party look: Easy-to-do DIY 15 min Diamante Eyes
(feat. Pangaea Christmas Winter Wonderland theme party)

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth and love, but in my crowd of friends, it is also a time of Reindeers, beers, gifts and get-togethers.

Christmas is THE MOST favourite time of the year for me, and however you may celebrate it, I am sure there’s some space for glitter and glamour this coming holiday season.


Me and some girlfriends got dolled up for a Winter Wonderland-themed Christmas party with white dresses and diamond eyes. I thought putting diamonds on my eyes would be difficult, but it really wasn’t a big effort and yet, gave a beautiful and dramatic result.




You should try it! This is how we did it.



You can use fingers, but tweezers make it easier to put the crystals on to specific points of your face and eyes.
Don’t use tweezers with sharp ends as you will probably hurt yourself. We used flat-ended ones like this which were great for putting and pushing the diamonds in place.




We used individual nail art crystals. I preferred the bigger sizes as it would take a larger effort and longer time to achieve the same look with really tiny crystals. (I also have a little fear that the tiny crystals would drop into my eyes and I would go blind.)


My friend bought the crystals from a shop at Far East Plaza on the 3rd floor (extreme right side when you exit the escalator), as it was offering 3 packs for price of 2.
She bought these for about $8 per pack.

A good eyelash glue is crucial to keep the diamonds firmly stuck on your eyes. No one wants to talk to a girl at a party who has half-stuck eyelashes and diamonds falling off her face. (What a mess.)

If you’re a eyelash-wearer, you’ll know which brands to use. We used the eye lash glue from DUO in CLEAR… can’t go wrong with DUO! I have used Shu Uemura’s eyelash glue before and I remember it being pretty good as well.

PS: Our diamond eyes lasted all night – Some of my girlfriends even slept with their crystals on and used it for another party the next day. Hardcore much? LOL.

We looked for pictures that we felt inspired by. Feel free to reference magazines or Google words like “crystal eye makeup” “diamante eye” for looks that you like. If the pictures are too difficult or crazy to replicate, look for something simpler – I am not a model walking down the New York Fashion week runway and so I settled on something more realistic.

colorful diamonds eye make-up-f13321



If you’re really slow, you might take 20-30 min per eye so set aside a good hour for your pre-party makeup. Since I had the privilege of sitting on a cushy chair sipping champagne while I watched my other girlfriend’s starting struggles, I took about 15 min once I started on my eye.

Do your makeup and eyeshadow first.



When dealing with dark coloured eyeshadowed or heavily pigmented colours, I like to put loose powder or talcum powder under my eyes so the colours won’t stain my cheeks and it can be easily swept away.




One by one, add the crystals onto your upper lashline in the shape that you want to create. Feel free to vary colours and sizes of the crystals (which I did).

Note: I added on extra false eyelashes at the end of the crystal-application as I did not want the eyelashes to get in the way of my crystallizing. If you use falsies at the END of your application like mine, don’t forget to leave some space on your upper lashline for it.



I wanted to look like an “ice princess” (I wish!) and so I used a lot of layers of white/silver/blue in my eyeshadow and crystals.


You can build it upwards, or add crystals on the bottom lashline for added drama.
Note: I was worried that having crystals on my bottom lashline would be uncomfortable and could possibly fall off if I smiled too widely (I have pretty big cheeks), and so I didn’t attempt this.


I found it easier to fully complete one eye with my “diamond” look, and then copy the look for my other eye. I think going back and forth between your left eye and right eye might be a good way to keep both eyes balanced, but will also take a lot more time.

Sheenu hosted us and she went first. She took longer than I did but it was worth it… she had really stunning eyes!





Mia’s look:

Dimple’s look:

Sara (left) and Veronika (right):



Sara’s diamond eyes was my favourite. Although she only used the silver crystals, they were a great extension with her eye makeup and it looked like her eyes had beautiful elongated silver wings. She’s amazing with makeup and was constantly helping us with ours. Thanks Sara!


So there you have it – boys like to pimp their rides, but we girls can pimp our eyes.

This beauty process is more helpful and less stressful when you have girlfriends and champagne.


Ready to partayyyy!

Pics from Pangaea Singapore’s Winter Wonderland themed Christmas party:
(Click on pictures to see a bigger version)




Guest DJ for the night: my buddy David Bennett/DJ Bento from Tokyo!

And that is how you celebrate the holidays with a bang.

Who’s Diamante look did you like the best? 🙂


If you try out using crystals/diamonds in your makeup look for the coming holiday season, feel free to leave me a comment below or email me your pictures at ! I’d love to see what you did and how you did it. Happy holidays!

PS: I have a beauty giveaway coming up in one of my soonish posts so stay tuned!

Lessons from an Aspiring Entrepreneur: My first taste of failure! How I lost $300 :(

For the last few months, I have been working on some business ideas. On a completely unrelated project, a certain huge dance festival in Singapore was coming up and when given a small opportunity, I decided on impulse to try and sell something on the day of the event.

I was convinced that it was something that partygoers would love, and buy. I was sure it would be something in demand.

OK, I’ll tell you what it is – I wanted to sell glow-in-the-dark body paint for this dance event.


After 5 days of searching for glow-in-the-dark body paint in Singapore (I traversed costume shops, Spotlight at Dhoby Ghaut, and a number more shops etc but to no avail), I FINALLY found a supplier who was selling a small bottle at $19. Because it was so hard to find and I finally did, I bought a few bottles just for fun, for my friends and I to use at the party.

On the morning of the event, a Singaporean student (Student J) told me that he was helping another company to sell something else at the entrance of this event, and almost straightaway, I offered him a commission per bottle of body paint that he sold if he helped to push my product along with what he was selling.

He agreed, and I called the supplier straightaway to arrange urgent purchase of MANY more bottles.

I trust my judgement in people and I also trust the student that I got to work for me. I don’t think his sales skills was the problem, but the problem was just with reality… And a few more things.

I had used glow-in-the-dark body paint before in other countries at other similar beach-themed or night-time parties, and I adored it. It was pretty popular at these parties and among the party people.

I convinced myself that it was a great idea – I would buy it, my friends who I spoke to said they would buy it, so why wouldn’t other people buy it?


My best friend advised me to only execute it IF the supplier would give it to me on consignment (whatever I can’t sell, I can return at no cost to me). However, they did not agree. My best friend and my Dad said to forget it, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

When you believe in or want to do something, no one and nothing will stop you. Risks are like a pair of old spectacles that you wore in Secondary school – You don’t see risks clearly. You think you’re smarter than everyone else. You feel invincible.

It was a great feeling to outsource everything from the pick up of the glow paints, to the selling of it. I did nothing but constantly kept on the phone through Whatsapp with him.

He tried to sell my glow paint according to my sales strategy – the aim was $30-$35 per bottle to older party-goers especially Caucasians or Internationals, $25-$28 per bottle to Singaporeans/Chinese. I’m not racist, but it made business sense to profile customers and adjust costs accordingly. Student J caught on quick.

He called me to update me that he had put a bit of the glow paint on himself and his friends, to attract more attention. He called me later that the sales were going too slow – he had only managed to sell 3 bottles in 2 hours. He told me that he changed the strategy, and that he was now offering to paint partygoers for $5 but he was using as little of the paint as possible. I told him great job, and to go for it.

4 hours later, Student J had to leave the scene and almost 80% of the bottles that I had purchased were still left. I was stuck with stock.

I lost $300 that day, $300 that was really hard to earn and quickly lost. I feel like kicking myself!


I don’t know Student J very well, but I was fortunate to have met him at a random event and he struck me as a go-getter. He was young, but had a certain hunger and good attitude about him that I picked up straightaway. I gave him my number and told him to keep in touch. Even though this was only my first time getting him to work for me, I was really impressed with his quick-wit and performance in this exercise.

I definitely want to groom this one and I think he has a lot of potential ahead. If you need a part-timer to help with a project, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.


Should I have bought stock that I couldn’t sell? No. Did I know what I was doing? No. Was my cost price too high and the selling price too high? Yes and yes.

I learnt a valuable business lesson that day. No matter how much you are told or you think something may be a good (business) idea, it doesn’t matter – It helps to try and test the idea in on a smaller scale (Instead of going full steam ahead, I should have just tried selling a few bottles and then estimating the demand and circumstances).

I should have done more industry research and figured out what I was really doing.

Don’t be delusional or a dreamer like me – Testing any business idea is SO important.

At least, and at last, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone of “thinking” and moving into “doing”. I moved out of my world of “talking” and into the real world of “action”.

I finally tried to do something.

I failed, but nonetheless, I tried.

And so, this is how I learnt an important first lesson in failure that money can’t buy. Unfortunately, my failure cost me good money!

zoukout glow