My small road to success

It all started when my God created a little girl with a big dream. I’ve always questioned teachers in school, and they either loved me or hated me. I was really curious and loved meeting and learning from all sorts of people, and as a result I always thought about things differently.

I’ve worked full-time in different capacities for 6 years, and during that time I mostly give 300% percent at work but only have 100% to show for it (effort does not equal results). I’ve been bored at some jobs and unappreciated in others. I’ve had motivating bosses, and those who made me cry everyday. Throughout it all, I always thought, “This sucks.” “I wish I could do more for myself and everyone around me.” And “I will never be a multi-millionaire from earning a fixed income every month.”

I had enough, and I wanted to start a business. I told my parents this. “Yeah, whatever.” They shrugged it off the way they do, slightly worried but mostly, in disbelief. It was not the first time I had come to them with a big idea (the last one I think I said “I want to move to China”).

Sidenote: My family consists of an eclectic mix of an eager Dad who is full of nothing but love and always tries to help (sometimes too much), my Mom who thinks I’m crazy, and a younger brother who is one of the smartest boys you’ll ever meet in his field but really prefers to live in the jungle (as he has done in Amazon, Africa, etc).

However, this was a topic I would not let go and I constantly stated my case for wanting to quit my then-job. I explored things I might be good at and could do, and immersed myself in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurs. I read about 50 articles about or by Dave McClure, and many more by other industry-leaders and innovators that I looked up to. I lived it and I breathed it, and I prayed everyday. Soon, my family’s surprise in my dedication and determination led the change from their sarcasm to their support. And this support was the first of many steps that I grabbed to start me on my journey.
Many people talk about their successes, but not their struggles. Here, my intention is not to share my SUCCESS (I don’t know if I will even succeed?!), but my STRUGGLES as I aspire to succeed. Hopefully, my lessons and thought-processes can help you, or you might learn a thing or two.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur like me, or just someone who wants more out of life, this theme of blogposts is for you.


One thought on “My small road to success

  1. Hey Estelle! My name is Tony and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Your statement about sharing your struggles instead of your successes resonated with me today because it reminded me of an article ( I read this afternoon about a question to ask yourself that coincides with what you want in your life. For those who experience success, most of the time, it was because of hard work, dedication, and overcoming failure. As Albert Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. By sharing your struggles here, I hope you use that as an opportunity to reflect on your actions, re-assess your goals and determine whether or not the struggle is worth going through to achieve success.

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