With love, to London (An amateur birthday video for my little brother, and how to make it)

This post is dedicated to my little brother – king of the jungle, over river or under.

From Asia, to the Amazon…
You, lil brother, are a wild one!

My brother Thaddy lives in London, and I am broke. So I decided the best b-day present would be to collect wishes from friends and family all over the world, and send it to him online. Everybody wins!

Happy birthday from all of us in Singapore, New York, Vancouver, Australia!

With love, to London.

Tech notes: I haven’t made my own videos in a year and I did this in one day+night with iMovie ’11. I used the new “iMovie movie trailer” feature as a base template to start making my video, converted it into a “project”, and then cut out+added in more clips as I desired. (The iMovie templates do not seem to permit much edits, hence I prefer the flexibility when you convert it into a “project”.) Thanks to this site for helping to explain it.
It was pleasantly simple… Try it at home!