Child-like happiness and family time bubbles


To be a child, is a lovely thing.


How incredible it must be, to be able to rest in the knowledge, knowing that you are provided for? Not having to worry about what lies ahead, for your every step is watched?




A child is never bored of the same toys, and she finds delight in exploring simple things.






Every day springs forth a freshness. Curiosity begets experiences.



A child can teach you more about happiness than what you can imagine.

I hope to always have a child-like sense of wonder, for there is so much to learn from children.

(A tribute to the young ones around me, my beautiful niece Keira Rose and our ever-loving family, the stars in my life).




“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” —Henri Nouwen

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” -Abraham Lincoln

“At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”
~Matthew 18: 1-4


Spending a week in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia is heartbreaking, but will make you a better person

I love my country, but Singapore is getting too glitzy and I know I need to shake myself out of this spoilt bubble that I’ve created around me. Singaporeans like me spend hundreds of dollars on taxis every month, and it has become so normal to watch my friends or overseas visitors spend anywhere from $2,000-$30,000 a night at my favourite nightspot haunts. Having my own business now means that I need to better appreciate the value of money, so I am taking a break with my parents to visit their friends in Cambodia. I need to escape this unhealthy perspective that I sometimes create for myself in my comfort zone at home.

Phnom Penh is much cleaner and has a surprisingly slightly westernized landscape. My days here are easily filled with $3-5 meals in beautiful restaurants, $1-2 coffees and drinks at spacious alfresco settings and conversations with a substantial number of expatriates – mostly sent here to work with the government, business projects and NGOs.

With the strength of my US dollar or Singapore dollar, it is simply impossible to be disappointed with $2 clothes at The Russian Market or Central Market, sleeping in $40 boutique hotels, or enjoying $9 per-hour massages at fine spas.

(Cambodia… #likeaboss)

In the rural countryside, the clouds are much nicer and there is lots of space. Locals tread under the searing sun and atop raw sandy land, going about their day to day.

It’s common to see motorcycles carrying trays of heavy and bulky items, or 3 adults clutching each other as scarfs and hats shade most of their face. Skinny cows or cats roam the land, and young children beg me everyday for food or money. Some are commonly run by begging syndicates and by giving in to one person, you are usually just disappointing 100 others. I want to give them all the dollars I have, but I know that’s not the way to help get them off the streets. The Cambodians need more than just money to break their poverty – they need a lot of support, jobs, education, love and probably a miracle.

Sure, people see that the Golden Triangle (Thailand, Cambodia and Laos) is dirty and backward, but when I look at Cambodia with my heart instead of my eyes, I see so much more.

(Challenge your compassion – go back in time and witness the horrors of humanity at the Genocide museum and The Killing Fields.)

The Cambodians are lovely people, albeit shy and fearful – oppressed by the unfortunate circumstances that toppled their once glorious kingdom. They were the second richest empire next to the Roman empire! How could so many problems happen to one country in such a short period of time? I am deep in sad thought as I sit in my wonderful air conditioned first class bus and eat my Twisties.

It’s one thing to see pictures or read books, but being present here will fill you with genuine understanding and clear impact of the change that the nation needs.
(Still in Cambodia on the way to Siem Reap… More stories and pictures to come soon.)

Crazy, stupid love quotes – My new #InlovewithTuesdays series

I usually have church group on Tuesdays and it makes me feel pretty happy and loved. So, I started a new series every Tuesday #InlovewithTuesdays where I will post all sorts of thoughts that I have come up with or come across about this crazy, stupid thing called love.

I have a whole list of these love quotes coming up which I will I hope you will enjoy, and if you don’t, don’t stone me!


I posted the first one on my Facebook cover photo last Tuesday, and one more today. I will start posting them simultaneously on my blog and via Instagram with the hashtag #inlovewithTuesdays –

8 jan 2013

loveyouwrongtime 15jan2012

I will keep spamming the world with my sarcasm until I’m bored or no longer single.

The KISS: Weekend Woes of a Single Girl living in Singapore

I went out over the weekend, and I just don’t understand why a guy who I’ve met twice and spoken to briefly would think it is appropriate to try and kiss me.

We have common friends, he made small talk, bought everyone bottles, and was nice enough. At the end of the night, he insisted on sending me home in a taxi as everyone else was headed in a different direction. I reluctantly agreed… He was persistent and wasn’t going anywhere. Could this be a gentlemanly gesture?

In the taxi, he tried 5 times to kiss me. Each time I pushed him away and said, “No, no, no. No thank you, no.” He said he felt rejected and I was impolite.

“My Momma has taught me many manners, but never this… Definitely not to kiss someone I don’t wish to kiss! YOU are impolite.” I thought to myself, clamping my mouth shut. I shoved my big handbag in between my body and his.

Noticing the distance, he held my hand and was calm for a second. And then he tried it all over again.

“No, no, no.”

“But you are single.” He demanded a reason for my refusal.

“I don’t kiss on the first date.”

His face brightened up and he asked, “So does that mean I can take you out on a date?”

“I don’t know. Maybe no.”

“Why don’t you want to kiss me?”

“The only thing my lips have touched lately is good food. I’d like to keep it that way, if it’s ok.”

Oh, the questions. And my answers to those questions. The taxi couldn’t get to his house fast enough (his house was the first/nearest stop), but when it did, it was as if he never got the hint. “You look tired. Want to stay over at mine?”


I said NO, for what felt like the 50th time that night. I bid him goodbye, see you around.
So far, more than a year of being single might be a long and boring wait, but I’m sure someday the wait will be worth it.

I’ll be glad one day when I meet Mr Right, and he’ll be glad that I kept my lips (among other things!) clean for him.

In the meantime, I’ll keep keeping it busy with some fingerlickin’ good food.

Featured in TASTE magazine for my Passion, Banana Bourbon Wantons and FREE Chocolate from Laurent Bernard!

Thanks to you wonderful people who actually care to occasionally click on my blog, the new TASTE magazine has done a feature on me for their JUNE issue, thinking that someone out there would be interested to see the dirty lil’ details of my energetic, busy life. I was so excited to spill all the secrets! You can read it in full screen here.

A big theme of TASTE’s e-magazine was PASSION, and it was an honour that the good people there saw me as an example of someone who works hard towards their goals and dreams. They asked me how I kept up with my incomprehensible busy life.

Energy is easy. You drive yourself with passion, heart, from the inside and of course… food.

The best food for energy and also my go-to-grab-snack is bananas, and being a magazine centred around food, Purple Sage asked me for a recipe. I thought, “crap, what the heck?” So, don’t mind me, and my silly recipe.

Banana wantons with maple syrup, mixed with a bit of bourbon… perfect for a nut like me who loves a sinful snack! Alcohol is always optional.

And now the fun part… FREEBIES!

3 lucky winners will be able to receive a 6pc chocolate gift box from Laurent Bernard (worth $23 each).
All you have to do is answer their simple question and follow the instructions on TASTE e-magazine (page 19). Contest closes FRIDAY, 22 JUNE NOON.

I’m especially happy to be giving away chocolate in a box to my readers because –
1) I like the Laurent Bernard chocolatier at Mhd Sultan
2) I loooove chocolate.

C’mon, join my chocolate contest lah, everybody loves chocolate.

A big THANK YOU to Purple Sage’s Taste Magazine for the feature!

***UPDATE SUNDAY 24/6/2012***

TASTE e-magazine has picked their 3 winners for the FREE CHOCOLATE (Laurent Bernard Chocolatier contest). Yummmmmm…!!

Sharon Ngo Hea Ming
Chua Wei Ling
Andy Tay

They have all submitted the correct answer, which is “Estelle – Bananas, Laurent – Hot Chocolate”.
Winners would be able to be to redeem their prizes at Laurent Bernard outlet at Robertson Quay from next week onwards until 8 July, Sunday. Details of redemption will be emailed to them subsequently.

Thank you to the winners and participants for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoy your new yummy prizes! Here’s to sharing more love xxx

How I made $1000 dollars


A lot has been happening in my life and I’ll try to blog as much of it as I can. I’ve spent time with billionaires, ballers, DJs, and international arms dealers, when I’m firstly not with my family and friends.

I won’t say too much now about all that, but I’ll tell you something else…

A man liked me. He had a lot of money. We got along very well, and we enjoyed each other’s personalities very much. So much that he politely asked if I would sleep with him. I could have anything in the world I want – He talked about Chanel, and also about cars.

I politely explained that I was very flattered that he was attracted to me, but I had been brought up by my parents and by the bible with many values and would just not find it in myself to do that. I looked him straight in the eye and gently but firmly, said no.

Is this a game? He was surprised, seemed a bit sad, but respected me all the same. He asked if I was sure and I said it again.

He shoved me $1000 dollars, I desperately tried to give it back many times – but he would not take it.

He said there were plenty of girls he could sleep with in the world, but not many he could call a friend.

And from tonight, I am now one of them.


Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Hey, you never know if it could help you find a friend. Or maybe, if someone will give you money for it.

Marriage is like a tub of ice-cream?

Working for a bar has its fun.

Tonight, I spoke with a couple of men in suits and we talked about love.

They asked me if I was married. I explained that I needed a boyfriend first, that was how it worked right? “I think you missed a couple of steps.” I lamented.

They laughed.

I asked them if it was because I was fat? “I look like I’m in the second trimester of pregnancy, right?”

They vehemently denied. I accepted and moved on.

We talked about marriage. I said that marriage was in theory, a good idea. In theory, a lot of things are good ideas. In theory, eating a tub of ice-cream is a good idea.

But then, I joked, that you might feel sick after. Sometimes, it might even make you puke.

The men in suits loved this. They were both married, so obviously they already had eaten the tub of ice-cream.

They said don’t do it, for fear of being sick of this tub of ice-cream.

Man #1 chuckled. “Don’t eat the tub, but rather take the time to sample as many flavours as you want! Chocolate on a Monday, Mint on a Tuesday, Caramel on a Wednesday. Maybe you would like the Cherry flavour too!”

Yes, man #2 nodded vigorously. “Eat more and eat merry!”

Now now, I’m not a multiple flavours sort of person, nor have I been asked by anyone to consider marriage.

I do believe however that love is like ice-cream – you can serve and savour it slowly, but I suggest you enjoy and eat it before it melts away.

Picture from my post on a href=””>Magnum’s Pleasure Palace, 5/6/2011

Have you eaten the tub of ice-cream? Would you?