Movie review: What’s the story? Morning Glory

Movie goers: Kanny and I are both fairly young girls who work with the media.

I quit my media job about 5 months ago and am now doing sales for one of the world’s top 7 software companies (lucky me!). Kanny is still with the media – even while we were on the way to the theatre, there were aunties who recognized her from TV. They said she looked fatter on camera and slimmer in real life…

You should have seen Kanny’s face… I couldn’t stop laughing.

Movie screening and review for Morning Glory:
Relatable for any girl from 14 to 40. A likeable flick with lovable characters. A light-hearted comedy that is easy to watch.
But what IS the story?

Watching Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls, The Notebook, Time Traveller’s Wife etc) play ambitious Media Executive Becky Fuller reminded me of 21 year old Estelle – young, hopeful, irritatingly positive, and close to the edge of being so passionate it’s almost naive. (There are so many parallels and yeah, I was really naive!)

Despite seniors (also interchangeable as cynics) who constantly rain on her parade, her unbelievable drive takes her from work, to going home to work, and going back to work. From the first few opening minutes of the movie, the audience already mourns the death of her love life.

For all her hard work on the TV station she lives for, she expects a promotion – only to be fired… Ouch. A tight slap across the face welcomes her to the reality of life. Sorry Becky Fuller… It bites.

Undeterred, puts herself on the media market and begs/accepts whatever she can get. And what she gets is the position of executive producer on the lowest rated morning show in the country called “Daybreak.” Kind of depressing, considering she aimed for the #1 national morning show NBC’s “Today” show. It’s like aiming for an A* and failing your exam?

Her lack of experience and the lack of respect she receives from the Daybreak cast and crew, quickly turns tables around when she spends the first day straightening out all the questions in the office and firing the biggest diva on the TV network.

He wanted to photograph her feet for his blog… I would have fired him too.

Of course there is a “love story” with an equally eligible male prospect, but it seems there is more sex involved than love. Love story fail. I guess its hard to fall in love with a girl who sneaks out of your bed at midnight every night to do research for work on her MacBook.

The crux of the film’s chemistry rests on the dynamics between Becky Fuller and the ex-legendary TV anchor she revives by blackmailing him to be on the show – Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford).

Did someone say Harrison Ford? Yes Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford!

What’s Harrison Ford doing on this show?

Begging her Head of News (Jeffrey Goldblum) to let her trawl through the had-been-star’s contract, stalking him while he’s enjoying some leisure hunting time, and then telling him she would cancel his contract and void him of his 6 million dollars, was a demonstration of creative professionalism at its best. Don’t try this at home.

The film’s humour also vibrates from the witty banter and hate-to-love relationship between co-anchor Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) and himself.

Although I have no idea why Harrison Ford has been casted for this a romantic comedy, I am sure I do not need to elaborate on his acting prowess… or that of Diane Keaton.

The only other disagreement I have is that I find it strange for Becky Fuller’s looks to be portrayed in this movie as a plain-Jane type who at one point, exclaims, “I finally have a guy who can stand me long enough to have sex with me!”.

Are you kidding? A bombshell like Rachel McAdams should never play and be packaged girl-next-door.

Long story short, this is a chick flick that starts with you feeling sorry for Becky Fuller – or if you are like Becky Fuller – starts with you feeling sorry for yourself. By the end, Becky single-handedly re-energizes the TV station and its people, making the show a success and leaving her viewers and fans grinning ‘Gambatte’! (Japanese for “You go, girl!”)

FYI Aline Brosh McKenna, who wrote the film, is the same brains behind insane The Devil Wears Prada. Expect the same girl-grows-up-and-climbs-corporate-ladder trajectory, this is not as challenging as TDWP or as funny as Will Ferrell’s Anchorman.

My verdict: Take a guy to this film and watch him fall asleep…
Take a girl to this film and watch her be inspired.

Thank you to United Pictures and OMY SG for the movie preview invite.


Must watch this weekend!: HOMECOMING

Movie Advertorial

Homecoming Movie

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the premiere of one of Singapore’s better movie productions, HOMECOMING – out in Singaporean and Malaysian cinemas 3rd Feb 2011.

This is a long post and I realized that you can actually google/read many other well-written reviews about the said movie on the internet (I like this one).

I am just going to cut to the chase that all in all, I found this local film a humorous and heartwarming. It is very relevant and celebrant for the new Rabbit Year and I truly enjoyed Jack Neo’s cross-dressing performance as Ah Niu’s (popular Malaysian singer) mother. The dynamics of all the different characters intertwine well, and I believe our respective local superstars have done us quite proud.

Honestly, all the actors are very ‘swee’ but Jack Neo’s performance is stellar.

Here is my down low of Homecoming’s gala premiere and post-party.


My friend Terence, one of the partners from HomeRun Asia and his girlfriend, Andrea.
Thank you for the invite you two!
Homecoming Movie

My friend Kanny had worked with Jack Neo before, as well as co-hosted with Mark Lee on Channel U’s tv series Wonderchef. Naturally, she was excited to check out the movie so I had to invite her along to be my movie + popcorn buddy!

Homecoming Movie

The ironic thing is, Kanny has met famous Hong Kong chef Daniel Koh, who is the character that Mark Lee plays in said movie Homecoming. Mark Lee wears his apron and accent in the movie.

Here we are with Alvin from OMY SG. He also has one of the most read blogs in Singapore Alvinology, and everything he writes gets thousands of views.
Homecoming Movie

Going to a movie premiere with a Mediacorp-contract actress like Kanny Ling En meant meeting a lot of her fellow contacts from the film industry…
Here we are with Quan Xi, who is one of Mediacorp’s long time and most revered actors.
On the right is Molby, the boss of the agency who is representing her, Wawa Artistes Network.
Homecoming Movie

Quan Xi dressed and behaved really humbly, and we had several long chats about the industry and industry people. Quan Xi acted in Homecoming as well as one of Jacelyn Tay’s family members.
Homecoming Movie

Premiere people…
Homecoming Movie

In line with the CNY festivities, dumplings and other dim sum treats were served.
Homecoming Movie

There was a bit of a media frenzy when all the movie actors came on stage for half an hour full of special appearances and some contest games.

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

In Singapore, we ‘lohei’ for good luck.
Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

We were trying to walk to our designated movie theatre but Kanny kept getting spotted and stopped by her fans…

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Don’t forget about this fan… I am her number 1 fan!
Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie


Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Supporting media OMY SG was present, along with some of their regular bloggers Mint Leong, Samantha Kaylee, William Tan, HPility, and Sze Ping.
Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Spoke with Koe Yeet, Malaysian actress and one of the female leads in Homecoming. She was quite cute and sweet. I tried to ask her what the Malaysia film industry was like, although she did not know a lot of my friends in the Malaysian media and entertainment scene – she says her Mom does not allow her to get involved with the nightlife in Malaysia.
Homecoming Movie

The movie actors try to sing for us.
Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Huat ah! My golden hong baos.
Homecoming Movie

Last but definitely not least, Jack Neo.
Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Homecoming Movie

Ex movie producer, local icon and show stealer Jack Neo aka Karen Neo makes a very public appearance with his starring cross-dressing role in this film. He was very warm to talk to and engaged in more than pleasantries with us. I was quite surprised that he took the time to leave his “VIP only” area to come down to our level – he was the only star who did this and he is the biggest star there by my books.

We asked him questions only about his work in this movie as well as the industry, and he shared his passion for acting.

He had some awful press throughout last year with all the sex scandals, but it’s ok now because we Singaporeans like to talk only. We will forgive and forget.

Welcome back, Jack Neo.
CALLING ALL MOVIE BUFFS – Singaporeans, Malaysians and Ang Mohs!
Forget Hollywood for one weekend. Do yourself as well as your local economy a favour this (Chinese) new year and catch HOMECOMING.


You can read my teaser for this movie here.

Thank you supporting media partner OMY SG for their invite and warm hospitality as well.
Homecoming Movie

Shock (Miracle) of the Day/Week/Year

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I thought I had 3 readers only (My mom, my dad and my best friend)!

I’m completely serious. For a totally new blogger like me to receive such support, it cannot be just luck right? It must be a miracle!

This post is to my friends who have been supportive (you know who you are) – and everyone who has voted for me, read my posts or watched my videos.

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