ZoukOut 2013: Last year’s pics + 4 reasons to attend and stay till the sunrise this year

Why go to one of Asia’s top dance festivals and leave by 2am? Don’t be a cinderella this year – leave your shoes on the sand while we dance the starry night away with top tunes until the sunrise. ZoukOut 2013 is back for the 13th year, and will no less spectacular – expect 2 days of pure party power from Friday 13 December to Saturday 14 December.


ZoukOut may have been running for a very long time, but it’s probably not going to die down anytime soon. True party hearts have trusted and twirled to Zouk’s careful music choices for more than a decade of dancing, and only the best beats are guaranteed as our feet sink into the sandy Siloso shores. Hello again to Singapore’s best reason for uniting clubbers from all over the world.






Who wants to stay with me till the sunrise? I’ve always paced myself and made it to the end, but in case you need more motivation, these are 4 of my inspirations to stay till the closing this coming ZoukOut 2013.

#1: You can use your EZ Link Card to buy drinks throughout the night.

This year, ZoukOut is introducing much-needed cashless payment at the bar. All we have to do is “tap and go” to pay for drinks. This beats having to queue for drink coupons, and we can use the same card to take the train home. Ain’t no party like an MRT after-party!

You can store up to $500 on your EZ-Link card, but there are top-up kiosks at the venue too.

#2: Harder, better, longer, stronger

Last year, the first night of the festival kicked off at 9pm and ended by 4am. ZoukOut 2013 will start an hour earlier at 8pm and end at 5am. The second day will remain a 12-hour dusk-to-dawn dance extravaganza, from 8pm to 8am. Can you handle it? More to love!

#3: More time to appreciate the awesome international and local line-up.

Afrojack on Friday seems to be a crowd favourite, and you really mustn’t miss Benga, Nervo, Ferry Corsten and Danny Avila.

I had the huge privilege of seeing and listening to Solomun live, during his Sunday residency at Pacha Ibiza, start of summer this year. Solomun has been absolutely raging through Europe the last 2 years, successfully packing out his stints in the house music scene. ZoukOut is deservedly better this year knowing that I can disco with him.



One of my Solomun favourites:

Looking forward to the star-studded interntaional line-up and digging into the localized tent to hear out A/K/A, Aldrin, Maurice Simon, Gerald Ang, Jeremy Boon, Ghetto, and Formative.

#4: Heineken creates party history this year by re-creating a dramatized sunrise.

Besides being ZoukOut’s official beer partner again this year, Heineken rewards their fans by creating an enhanced sunrise at ZoukOut this very special year! I can’t believe they are actually going to light up the sky – this I got to see. What a pretty idea, given the poor terrain and geography of Siloso Beach.

The Heineken Sunrise will be the special highlight of the event, together with a dance-reactive floor that is linked to the powering of the ‘sun’ and ‘sunrise’, which everyone can participate in. What a treat this year to marvel in! I can’t wait to witness the epic close of the last set, glorified against a spectacular sunrise.


How are we going to last till wee hours of the morning, you may ask? Why, water of course. Lots. I’ve always been a fan of brands that advocate responsible drinking. There’s nothing more un-attractive than guys and girls stumbling around and falling over each other. ZoukOut is all about the world-class music acts and awesome party people for me. I’m proud of my last-till-morning party stamina, for the sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers. Walk past the Heineken tent at ZoukOut for your bottle of water.

LAST YEAR’S PICTURES: I definitely had some colourful times at ZoukOut 2012, especially great to see the gang who flew in from Hong Kong and Japan. Super pumped for this weekend with Heineken and friends!








































Stay till the end, and you might just be rewarded with a happy hug from boss man himself, Lincoln Cheng (Zouk ‘de lao ban’).






Where are my fellow sunrise troopers at? Looking forward to a brilliant break of dawn with all of you. xxx

ZoukOut 2013: FRIDAY 13 Dec, 9pm–4am; SATURDAY 14 Dec, 8pm–8am
Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Tickets: $98, $108, $118 (13 Dec, advanced, standard and at the door);
$108, $118, $128 (14 Dec, advanced, standard and at the door);
OR $168 (two-day festival pass).

Follow ZoukOut’s blog for updates, Heineken on Facebook, and tag your IG photos with #ZoukOut2013 #HeinekenSG and #HeinekenSunrise for me to see!


Parties in Asia: Massive Collective celebrates one last dance/champagne shower at Filter Member’s Club Singapore

Filter Members Club in Singapore celebrated its last night ever, last night.

I just got back from Kuala Lumpur and was so sick that I had to give it a miss. If pictures could tell tales, then I can see from a frenzy of friendly postings on Facebook that the crowd came out in full force last night, to show their last spend of support.


Filter is kind of legendary. It was the beginning of many firsts for me – the first “members-only” concept club in Singapore I frequented. The first time we were so young and everything was fun. The first time we could turn up on any weekend, and always expect to see cute guys (the yuppy kind). Boys always wanted to buy us drinks, but it was the first time we always had a table waiting and friends to tear it up with. The first club to create a fashion of hashtags of its own (#filtered), and spread its viral use as a community adjective.

Filter welcomed the first time we sipped on Dom Perignon, and the first time this advanced into a champagne shower. I don’t mean to dish the dirty behind this velvet rope, but oh, the spraying of this bubbly alcohol, and the baller bottle wars! If you were there for it, you could never forget it!












Party like a VIP, for every weekend was documented and distinguished. FILTER was a fraternity of sorts – you either belonged, or you were bounced. Those who didn’t know how to get IN didn’t get IT, and gave much flak for it, but we treasured every moment of it. Everyone knew everyone inside the club, and stories were whispered outside of the club.

Friends were always spotted in a sea of familiar faces, and familiar faces became friends. Which came first? This wasn’t clear – amidst the smoke, celebrities, special guest DJ appearances and endless bottles of champagne. Life was good, and we were living it the best we could.






“Okay, it sounds great. So, what happened?” You might ask.

Alas, time flies. And although I can still remember how it starts, it’s suddenly the end of an era. Massive Collective did well, debuting and developing its own nightlife culture, and establishing a new pedigree of party scene in the interim. And then, when you have choices, people start to split up in-between places. Mink opened up, and the party crowd crammed themselves into it.

FILTER Members Club never died, but Mink did dilute it. Lots of things changed it. FILTER wasn’t the same, and mostly, we blame ourselves. I got older. We got older. We worked harder, and partied a lot lesser.


The guys were the same, but new girls started arriving, and they were younger…

I haven’t aged that much since, have I!? @_@

But enough about me, and our time defying partying. Big ups to the MASSIVE COLLECTIVE team, and for building the dream they always deserved. Are they creating culture or wreaking havoc? A killer cocktail of both, we would assume 😉 They were the first with Filter, but now dominate Southeast Asia with a powerhouse of sounds and F&B outlets – Mink, Royal Room, Foodbar Dada, Playhouse, Vertigo KL, Providence KL, and Rootz KL.


The boys behind MASSIVE COLLECTIVE don’t let their club doors close without kicking another one open – Check out their newest edition to the Singapore party scene, DREAM @ Clarke Quay. I haven’t been, but it’s promising. It looks like an electro and trance-y sort of spot.

dream preview march15

Whether I’m remembering it for the boys, soft toy animals, biggest bottles or lights-on songs, Filter was first to many of us and you know what they say about your first – it’s unforgettable! Thanks to everyone for the good times, champagne showers, and dancing on the couches.

All watermarked pictures used in this post are owned by me, and unmarked pictures are from FILTER’s Facebook Page.


Keep checking my blog space for the local word on the street and the best global parties where my crew is rolling! I’m no expert, but just a once-young partygirl in Asia who has a whole lot of respect for the scene I grew up in.

xxx Peace, love, and glitter dreams! xxx

Christmas makeup/party look: Easy-to-do DIY 15 min Diamante Eyes (feat. Pangaea Christmas Winter Wonderland theme party)

A Cool Crystal Christmas party look: Easy-to-do DIY 15 min Diamante Eyes
(feat. Pangaea Christmas Winter Wonderland theme party)

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth and love, but in my crowd of friends, it is also a time of Reindeers, beers, gifts and get-togethers.

Christmas is THE MOST favourite time of the year for me, and however you may celebrate it, I am sure there’s some space for glitter and glamour this coming holiday season.


Me and some girlfriends got dolled up for a Winter Wonderland-themed Christmas party with white dresses and diamond eyes. I thought putting diamonds on my eyes would be difficult, but it really wasn’t a big effort and yet, gave a beautiful and dramatic result.




You should try it! This is how we did it.



You can use fingers, but tweezers make it easier to put the crystals on to specific points of your face and eyes.
Don’t use tweezers with sharp ends as you will probably hurt yourself. We used flat-ended ones like this which were great for putting and pushing the diamonds in place.




We used individual nail art crystals. I preferred the bigger sizes as it would take a larger effort and longer time to achieve the same look with really tiny crystals. (I also have a little fear that the tiny crystals would drop into my eyes and I would go blind.)


My friend bought the crystals from a shop at Far East Plaza on the 3rd floor (extreme right side when you exit the escalator), as it was offering 3 packs for price of 2.
She bought these for about $8 per pack.

A good eyelash glue is crucial to keep the diamonds firmly stuck on your eyes. No one wants to talk to a girl at a party who has half-stuck eyelashes and diamonds falling off her face. (What a mess.)

If you’re a eyelash-wearer, you’ll know which brands to use. We used the eye lash glue from DUO in CLEAR… can’t go wrong with DUO! I have used Shu Uemura’s eyelash glue before and I remember it being pretty good as well.

PS: Our diamond eyes lasted all night – Some of my girlfriends even slept with their crystals on and used it for another party the next day. Hardcore much? LOL.

We looked for pictures that we felt inspired by. Feel free to reference magazines or Google words like “crystal eye makeup” “diamante eye” for looks that you like. If the pictures are too difficult or crazy to replicate, look for something simpler – I am not a model walking down the New York Fashion week runway and so I settled on something more realistic.

colorful diamonds eye make-up-f13321



If you’re really slow, you might take 20-30 min per eye so set aside a good hour for your pre-party makeup. Since I had the privilege of sitting on a cushy chair sipping champagne while I watched my other girlfriend’s starting struggles, I took about 15 min once I started on my eye.

Do your makeup and eyeshadow first.



When dealing with dark coloured eyeshadowed or heavily pigmented colours, I like to put loose powder or talcum powder under my eyes so the colours won’t stain my cheeks and it can be easily swept away.




One by one, add the crystals onto your upper lashline in the shape that you want to create. Feel free to vary colours and sizes of the crystals (which I did).

Note: I added on extra false eyelashes at the end of the crystal-application as I did not want the eyelashes to get in the way of my crystallizing. If you use falsies at the END of your application like mine, don’t forget to leave some space on your upper lashline for it.



I wanted to look like an “ice princess” (I wish!) and so I used a lot of layers of white/silver/blue in my eyeshadow and crystals.


You can build it upwards, or add crystals on the bottom lashline for added drama.
Note: I was worried that having crystals on my bottom lashline would be uncomfortable and could possibly fall off if I smiled too widely (I have pretty big cheeks), and so I didn’t attempt this.


I found it easier to fully complete one eye with my “diamond” look, and then copy the look for my other eye. I think going back and forth between your left eye and right eye might be a good way to keep both eyes balanced, but will also take a lot more time.

Sheenu hosted us and she went first. She took longer than I did but it was worth it… she had really stunning eyes!





Mia’s look:

Dimple’s look:

Sara (left) and Veronika (right):



Sara’s diamond eyes was my favourite. Although she only used the silver crystals, they were a great extension with her eye makeup and it looked like her eyes had beautiful elongated silver wings. She’s amazing with makeup and was constantly helping us with ours. Thanks Sara!


So there you have it – boys like to pimp their rides, but we girls can pimp our eyes.

This beauty process is more helpful and less stressful when you have girlfriends and champagne.


Ready to partayyyy!

Pics from Pangaea Singapore’s Winter Wonderland themed Christmas party:
(Click on pictures to see a bigger version)




Guest DJ for the night: my buddy David Bennett/DJ Bento from Tokyo!

And that is how you celebrate the holidays with a bang.

Who’s Diamante look did you like the best? 🙂


If you try out using crystals/diamonds in your makeup look for the coming holiday season, feel free to leave me a comment below or email me your pictures at loveyouwrongtime@gmail.com ! I’d love to see what you did and how you did it. Happy holidays!

PS: I have a beauty giveaway coming up in one of my soonish posts so stay tuned!

Happy 17th anniversary I-S magazine and 18th birthday Power98!

Power98 invited me to their anniversary event, which was also a IS-mag anniversary event. I double-dipped in this since it was a powerful collab between these two media moguls at Avalon’s Spider Room… It was packed!

There was activities galore and they played some games with the beverage partner of the night, Crystal Skull vodka. It looked fun, but I sat back to the beats of Avalon’s DJ Joakim.

Most of my celebrity friends like the radio DJs, Paul Foster, and others seemed pretty busy with the activities so I kept chatty in a corner with Keagan Kang and one of the lovely guys from Rocket Internet’s new project, FoodPanda (a food delivery service).

The anniversary edition of IS-mag was fun to read!

There was a mention of the best live music finder in SG – Bandwagon – in my copy of I-S magazine this month.

“Keeping up with your favourite local bands and their gigs can be tough when you’re time starved, but Bandwagon (www.bandwagon.sg) makes doing so much easier. The easy-on-the-eye web app is building some momentum, so keep a look out.”

->Download the iPhone app from the App Store now – it’s free and will give u more music options and venues to go to on the weekends! It’s a date:)


To celebrate their 17 years, IS-mag is offering up 17 different experiences for readers to win. I thought some of them were quite interesting. I want to try out the iFLY or the farm experience, I hope no one else applies for that so I might stand a better chance of winning it? LOL!

To win any one of the 17 experiences, the mag didn’t give a closing date (?) but it said to get on this ISX link, pitch yourself and submit your details.

One of my favourite Xperiences they listed is winning an unknown trip to the Philippines by Cebu Pacific Air.

I’m glad I didn’t ignore the goodie bag – there were some pretty good vouchers and gifts in this one. I have run out of eyeliner and was planning to buy some, but my double dipping became double happiness when I saw K-Palette’s 24-hr tattoo eyeliner and Maybeline’s 24h gel eyeliner. Looking forward to using them at the next party!

Thanks to my friend from Power98 Emily Teng for the invite! She is a presenter on Power 98 and is also the Founder/World Change Agent of Blessings in a Bag (non-profit organization). She’s going to attempt to scale Mount Everest next! A real inspiration to think about when we are next on the couch listening to her radio show:)

No Halloween for me, but details on Halloween events in Singapore 2012 here for you

So it was Halloween weekend, and the doomsday is coming up. The number of parties and invites for Halloween seems to have doubled this year? I politely rejected many invitations to work with companies throwing special Halloween-themed events, but the evil-filled weekend still creeped into my thoughts when my Instagram and Facebook feeds were full of friends with blood all over their faces.

Guys had knives or zips through their heads, while girls did their best to look like death.

I think it’s quite scary (pun intended) that Singapore has been condoning, commercializing and celebrating Halloween more and more, year on year. Bring on the beautiful Autumn harvest at Gardens By The Bay, but what’s so meaningful about going on ghost tours and using your hard-earned money on ways to haunted or followed, or hearing real stories about ‘pontianaks’ that live in your neighbourhood?

Picture credit:
1. Darren Chin Photography and Gardens by the Bay Facebook Page

I think it’s totally cool to dress up in costume once in a while for fun, but do you really want to raise your kids to dress as demons and go knocking on the doors of strangers houses asking for Trick or Treat? In the western world, if kids don’t get treats, they perform tricks like putting coloured ice cubes in your letter box (to wet and ruin your letters with coloured water) and throwing rolls of toilet paper all over your trees/gardens (really hard to remove). Why would you want to make a teeny Halloweeny really angry, and receive a bloody pig’s head?

I don’t find fun in being creeped out and I just don’t get it.

Life is great. Why do you want to be reminded of death?

My Facebook status update to let my friends know that I would not be out for the weekend’s Halloween parties.

So yes, let’s scream for Halloween – I approve of wearing fun and sexy costumes, but I don’t approve of dressing up like a dead doll… but if you really want to, here is a list of some of the major Halloween events in Singapore this year (courtesy of I-S Magazine’a anniversary issue).

It’s a free country… The choice is yours!

Have a great week, whether you love it, hate it, or however you choose to celebrate it. 🙂

FORMULA 1 PARTY FUN – Avalon, Filter, Pangaea, Johnnie Walker, Ferrari, and Sky Grand Prix Fashion TV x Fashion Vodka party at rooftop spot Zafferano hosted by me

Every year, Formula 1 never fails to stress me and impress me. I get so many smses and Facebook messages asking for tickets to the race, Johnnie Walker, Pangaea, and other parties. It’s an explosion on my phone.

It’s like my birthday… but no presents…

Formula 1 also brings about crazy things. The people, the parties, sometimes the prices also…

Spent time with some of the Miss Universes from Iceland, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, and more.

Every year, there are lots of special acts brought in just for the F1 period. Last year, LMFAO tore it up!

Avalon had just opened and it was one of ‘the’ places to check out.

Johnnie Walker was one of the most anticipated events yet

Filter was the usual frivolity…

Pangaea soon made their stamp as the most expensive nightclub in SG yet.

Met up with Greg Teo before the official opening of Avalon – Greg is one of the best race driver in Singapore and races for Ital Racing and Ferrari.

The official Ferrari party last year at Resorts World Sentosa was red hot! The Ferrari team was there to represent, and a few of the who’s who in the F1 scene was seen.

All the cameras were trying to get a glimpse of the Ferrari team. I was luckier.. I had drinks with Ferrari team manager Nicolas Todt (Jean Todt’s son). He was pretty quiet, but was nice!

I called some girlfriends along to help make it fun.

This year will be no different.

I will be working this year at a F1 party for Fashion TV and Fashion TV Vodka, as their FIRST BLOGGER-HOST! The video that I will be hosting will be broadcasted on their cable TV channel, to 120 million viewers in Asia and 400 million viewers globally. I’ll also probably get an online copy so I can put it on here and show it to you peeps. Saturday will be banging for sure!

Date: Sat 22 Sept 2012
Time: 6pm till late
Valisere Lingerie fashion show at 1030pm
Venue: Zafferano (Ocean Financial Centre, Level 43 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315)

Sky Grand Prix party, proudly produced by Creative Insurgence, will see the following highlights…

Location: Heart of the F1 Singapore city circuit. ZAFFERANO is a beautiful new ROOFTOP spot that just opened, and has a stunning 180° panoramic view of 3 track turns.

630pm-930pm: Kitchen opens for dinner and screening of the race (by reservation only, entry fees apply)

– Party featuring FASHION TV AND FASHION VODKA, hosted by myself, “celebrity party blogger” (wow feels weird saying it, huh)

10.30pm: LINGERIE FASHION SHOW by VALISERE with 10 international models

– 3 DJs!

Headline DJ: FORMER RACE CAR DRIVER TURNED DJ and UK’s rising star, DJ Ben Joseph.
(This stellar DJ has performed alongside Gareth Emery, Marcel Woods, John O’Callaghan, Michael Woods and Cosmic Gate.)

DJ Ben Joseph will be supported by two lovely ladies, DJ Angie Vu Ha and DJ Foxxxy.

– Supported by McLaren – Get up close with one of the world’s fastest road cars, the MCLAREN MP4-12C

Looking forward to trying the Fashion Vodka, being fashioned by Valisere, and being in a beautiful place with beautiful people. (All tables are almost sold out, if you are still keen to book a table, feel free to hit me up.) Hope some of you can join me!


If you want to keep in touch with me while I run about this year’s Formula 1, I will be updating more via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @estellekiora.

Race, what race? 😛

Johnnie Walker Jet Black: Newly named Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2012. (And of course I’m giving out free party invites for their upcoming/infamous F1 party in this blogpost)

Vroom! Keep Walking, cos it’s that time of the year again! Some people are going out of town but mostly, everyone’s coming to town. Hotel rooms are going at (what feels like) five times the price and my friends are all discussing where’s this year’s hottest party. The race tracks are all set up and the kiasu Singaporeans like me are gearing up to take the MRT.

Formula 1 week is just around the street corner and if you are down to party like a rockstar BUT have not sorted out your party schedule yet, dude – you are one step behind. But it’s ok, because I am one step ahead of you…:)

Photo credit: Found my picture on the Johnnie Walker Facebook page – I guess they like my mega happy smile!

Every year, one of the F1 parties that I am usually at is thrown in style by Johnnie Walker, the partner and supporter of the Vodafone Mercedes McLaren F1 team. Previously called Johnnie Walker Jet Black, it is now officially going by the name Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge. Lee Jak Tim, the busy Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker, MHD Singapore, said, “We’re very excited that Singapore will be the FIRST city to launch Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge”. I like being first. 🙂

I bet it will be extra exciting since this year’s celebrations will sweep us away into the all-new FLOWER DOME at Gardens by the Bay.

Date : Saturday and Sunday, 22nd and 23rd September 2012
Time : 9pm onwards
Venue : Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome)
18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Not only will it have a view of the race track, but I reckon it will look completely magical!

Aside from the Flower, the formula for this epic party’s series success lies in 3 other things starting with ‘F’……


For the first time in Singapore, Johnnie Walker will introduce Flavour Lab – an experimental bar where whisky fans will get to try super special serves of Johnnie Walker, maximising their appreciation and flavour of Johnnie Walker.

Winning bartenders from the acclaimed Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS program will also be creating memorable cocktail experiences for guests at Circuit Lounge.

I’ve tried out Flavour Lab at previous Johnnie Walker parties out-of-the-country and I’m glad they are bringing it to this party on Singapore shores. The girls went coco over coconut concoctions but since coconuts aren’t my thing, I remember trying a chocolate Johnnie Walker cocktail that was totally delicious. Johnnie Walker, please make one for me this year.


Johnnie Walker’s Circuit Lounge parties always offer a fun virtual experience that allow privileged party goers to “step inside” the glamorous world of F1. I can usually check into Facebook at the swipe of a pass, and instantly upload pictures taken via their photo booth.


Party tunes this year will be from yet another line-up of globally acclaimed DJs.

1) Clinton Sparks (US)
Multi-platinum producer and songwriter who has worked with music heavy weights Akon, Pitbull, Ludacris and T-Pain.

2) Disco Fries (US)
The duo behind this has been smashing series of releases, chart-topping remixes, and even been approached by every major US label. Most recently, they lent their signature sound to artistes such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Usher and more.

Supporting DJs Ray Ray (TWN) and DJ Dave Does (Butter Factory, AOS) will probably be tearing up the dance floor in between sips of this yummy whisky drink.

The people attending the party aren’t so bad either! There are always a bunch of familiar faces from TV, the privileged party circle and all in all a super fun crowd. At previous Johnnie Walker parties, I’ve bumped and grinded along to the beats with –

BACKSTAGE: Johnnie Walker’s last party in KL with Dawn Yang, Fay Hokulani, Charles James Wright (Johnnie Walker’s Senior Brand Manager in Malaysia), Malaysian model Nad and one of my favourite DJs from the USA, SmithAgentSmith.

Girlfriends at last year’s Johnnie Walker F1 party

Spotted – Celebrity photographer Zurina Bryant, Hansen Lee and Julian of the previous hit TV series Polo Boys

TV and movie actor, Louis Wu

USA’s SuperImport Model and sweetheart, Helen Su

Actor Hansen Lee, and my friend who works at Facebook Sg

One of the main men from Moet Hennessy Diageo

Top fashion blogger, Agri

Actor, Keagan Kang

Phew! There were a lot of actors last year.

Me and my friends have so much fun, we’re always sad to leave.

Now – the fun part – I like to give out free stuff and party privileges to my blog readers and so this week, one awesome reader will win a pair of tickets to the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge party, for 23rd September 2012 – Sunday race day.

LOVE YOU WRONG TIME BLOG CONTEST QUESTION: Johnnie Walker has a philosophy that has inspired many people in the world to progress and accomplish great achievements in their life. What is the philosophy?
(Hint: It’s two words long, and I’ve used it at the beginning of this blogpost.)

Write your
1. ANSWER along with
2. a link to this blog post on the Johnnie Walker’s Facebook Page.

You can also log on to Johnnie Walker’s Facebook Page and click on the ‘Circuit Lounge’ picture for other contest details and chances to win more tickets BY THIS FRIDAY.


Don’t drink and drive… See you at the party!

Are you looking forward to this year’s F1 weekend? Check out my blog post last year where I gave away a bunch of Johnnie Walker Jet Black tickets
or my gossip from last year’s F1 celebrations.

In upcoming blog posts by Love You Wrong Time, watch out for some travel giveaways!